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Mission Statement



We live in paradise and most building sites have considerable advantages to typical subdivisions….and sometimes a few disadvantages. We see a property’s features as assets and liabilities, and any building on that property should harmonize with it by accentuating the assets and mitigating the liabilities. Building a house is not like buying blue jeans or a car. In the words of Eminem “you only get one shot, don’t blow this opportunity, comes once in a lifetime”…for most of us. Few of us can simply press the reset button. What will be really hard is years of rationalizing what you commissioned, when deep down inside you know it was never what you dreamed it to be, and you’re not sure why. What’s difficult for us is to see it go on every day. And so this is our mission---to prevent it from happening to as many people as we possibly can. In our endeavors, we’ve demanded more from ourselves, and consequently, we’ve become efficient at staying fresh. We don’t fear new things. We don’t fear failure. What we fear is being stale and forcing our laze into projects and onto paying clients. We fear driving around the corner and seeing another “pre-designed” building forced onto an otherwise nice piece of land. Every window matters. Every square foot matters. Every detail matters. Every client matters. Every budget that a client puts forth matters. It matters not that you have $150 sq ft or $1000 per sq ft to spend. It matters that what is there to spend is spent wisely. It matters that your expectations are meticulously aligned to your budget and you are really comfortable that you are going to love what you’re going to get. It matters that we don’t use your money to build “our” dream. We are not magicians, well actually…., but seriously, we are not here to promise you that we can give you $1000 in exchange for $100. We are here to help you build a great house, the best house possible, on the budget you have. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”..Leonardo da Vinci “Structure is like music frozen in time”’s either in tune or it’s not.