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Our Philosophy

                                                   OUR PHILOSOPHY-----AUTHENTIC


Our philosophy is best understood by our process. The process by which something is created determines if it has integrity or not. Our process starts with function, scale, and color. The foundation to a well designed building is based primarily in these three things. If any one of them is out of balance the structure will be like a song out of tune. If these things are in tune…you can play any style you like.

Once we’ve determined the style a client wants, we define the boundaries for what is being built. This is done by defining a reason for being. A building without a reason for being is no different than a person without one. It will be lost and lack positive energy…and, it is near impossible to design something functional if there is no good reason for it.

A theme is the next thing we try to define…this is really an affirmation of the style and reason for being. It is to drive home the focus of the project and keep all efforts going in the right direction. This helps a project finish with a cohesive feeling that makes it complete. Without this, it can be difficult to have closure; which makes it difficult to enjoy the finished product as it was intended to be enjoyed.

But none of this would be any fun after awhile if we must always follow this process. So we will likely need to break some rules occasionally along the journey. That’s where it is good to know when and why you should. The process helps prevent our work from being contrived, but if we break the rules of the process we better have good reason why and it better be nifty, otherwise it will end up contrived. And that is what plagues most design today…forced for the reason of commercialism, vanity, or a whim without an authentic purpose.

We care about things being authentic. We don’t ask for something to be other than what it is, or can be, because that is a formula for disappointment.